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Public offer: conditions for the provision of hosting services
  1. The company Megamix International Ltd., BVI Company Number 1653700 (hereinafter Contractor) provides installation, configuration and support in working virtual web-service (hereinafter Server) Client on the World Wide Web (hereinafter the Service).
  2. The Contractor guarantees full customer support information, carried out by e-mail.
  3. Cost of Services is calculated depending on the tariff plan chosen by the customer - it is published on the official website of the Contractor.
  4. Duration of the Service the Customer shall indicate in a special web form when you make a cooperation with the Contractor.
  5. The installation and commissioning of servers - two (2) working days, measured from the moment that the account will go pay the Contractor the Customer.
  6. These terms come into play when making payment and are in force so long, until the period of paid support services.
  7. When a customer pays for the extension service, it automatically agrees that it will be provided on these Terms and Conditions for the assistance of his time.
  8. The responsibility of the Contractor to the Customer or third parties does not apply to delays or interruptions of the Service, for losses and damages incurred due to:
    1. malfunctions, failures, failures of any mechanical or electronic equipment of the Contractor;
    2. problems with full or partial transfer of information, error when connecting to servers that have arisen through no fault of the Contractor providing services;
    3. force majeure, that is, of force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the parties.
  9. For the Contractor is the exclusive right to suspend the Service to perform routine preventive maintenance, or repair of equipment. But he must necessarily notify the customer by sending a letter by e-mail no later than the day before the scheduled start of work.
  10. The responsibility of the Contractor does not apply to non-receipt of the Customer reports to the specified e-mail address. The contract involves the absence of claims from the customer about it - he will not put the failures in the e-mail accused the Contractor.
  11. Under the provisions of these Terms, by changing the contact information Customer shall promptly notify the Contractor and provide him with the actual e-mail.
  12. For the Contractor is the exclusive right to suspend or cancel the provision of services in the following situations:
    1. when the customer places the information in the Server obscene, abusive, libelous, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, unlawful nature, as well as incitement to commit offenses or links to any of the materials just mentioned;
    2. when the customer places on the server, created to carry out the SPAM mailings and / or pose a threat to the continuity of the Services by the Contractor;
    3. when a customer spends sending SPAM of any kind, directly or indirectly related to the Contractor, server, services rendered, including the cases of other portals and resources;
    4. when the customer carries out actions that reduce the security (or carry such a threat) and / or violate the efficiency of both the server and any type of equipment the Contractor;
    5. when the public authorities, guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and by presenting the relevant regulation, require the Contractor to stop the activity.
  13. If the customer refuses to continue use of the Service, the Contractor shall return the unused portion of the payment in an amount calculated in proportion to the remaining period of time. Customer will receive this amount within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receipt of the Contractor application for waiver of service.
  14. The responsibility of the Contractor shall not apply to cases of direct or indirect costs and damages incurred by the customer due to the use or non-service.
  15. If, under the conditions of this contract between the Contractor and the Customer have any disagreements, they can be resolved during the negotiations friendly. If the negotiations do not lead to a compromise, the dispute will be solved experts Arbitration Court of the British Virgin Islands.
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